Our vision is to build a better world where everybody wins.

PeopleProductive® is a next generation Human Capital Management (HCM 2.0) company. We enable organizations to tap vast pools of dormant talent potential so the people side of their business can move faster than the rapidly changing business environment.

PeopleProductive’s solutions help companies address the number one global CEO challenge: The effective use of human capital. Accordingly, our solutions enable companies to gain deep insight into the current state of their culture and then create deep collaboration, innovation, engagement, and relationships. Organizations can now share best practices, create powerful connections, break down cubicle walls and silos, and create a culture where everyone shares accountability for maximizing the return on human capital.

PeopleProductive has proven that knowledge worker productivity can be managed and monitored just like processes and technology infrastructure. Our research led to the publication of Transforming IT Culture by Wiley Publishing. This book lays out the science that underpins knowledge worker productivity, where the primary tools are mind and emotion. It is the first operator’s manual for the human infrastructure.