Break from the pack. The next generation has arrived.

It had to happen.

The enormous growth in human understanding over the last 100 years was too powerful not to be finally packaged into an easy to use methodology.  A methodology that would allow companies to methodically improve the productivity of their workforce, just like they methodically improved the efficiency of their processes; a methodology that would enable them to dial into every nook and cranny of their company; a solution that is a game changer.

PeopleProductive is the first, next generation, human capital management (HCM 2.0) company with a solution that enables organizations to increase workforce productivity using a proprietary model that calculates the velocity of work.  We provide a system of productivity, not a system of engagement.

We show you how to turn improvements in people performance into business performance.  We provide the tools and processes to improve the metrics that drive your bottom line.  

new era systems of productivity

Evolution of Employee Input

Beyond engagement is not just an aspiration, it is now a reality.  We help create companies where the workers and company flourish together.  That is the only way to create a world where everybody wins.  We are committed to making an enduring difference.

Managers no longer have to rely on the symptoms of disengagement; managers no longer have to be told to go figure out a solution, when year-after-year their action plans haven’t moved the engagement needle as measured by Gallup (Link).  Now they can reliably and methodically accelerate the performance of their organization.  This deeply matters because the average executive believes they are tapping only 50% of the productivity potential of their workforce.  Every study shows that winning companies have more deeply engaged workers than their competitors.  How are you things working out for you?



Stop for one minute and think about this.  How could roll your own action plans ever work as the solution.  Managers are told to take their engagement results and fix them.  Yet, we were all taught to think, but not to feel.  Emotion and the cognitive side of business is a blind spot.  If you don’t provide tools and training to remove this blind spot, you cannot reliably and methodically fix this.  Inspired and caring leaders can create a best place to work.  They have been the ones who did it.  But, that means great outcomes are a product of chance, not a product of design.

That’s where we still are.  Organizations have been surveying employees for decades.  From a focus on job/employee satisfaction in the 1970’s, to employee commitment in the 1980’s and 1990’s, we finally moved to employee engagement, beginning in the 1990’s.   Employee engagement emerged when James L. Heskett, et al, showed a direct link between employee attitudes and the bottom line in Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work, a seminal research paper published in Harvard Business Review in 1994 (Link).  Their research proved there is an empirical link connecting employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction and increased sales. This evolved even further when the Institute for Employment Studies published an extensive research paper, From People to Profits, in 1999 (Link).  The engagement era was born.  Now employee attitudes really mattered.

Engagement evolved from an annual, or bi-annual, assessment to what is now a continuous employee feedback.  The new Systems of Engagement are cloud based, easy to access, rely on active feedback and give employees a real voice. Yes, the world has changed for the better as the need to engage employees is moving front and center because engagement creates winners. But, engagement just isn’t enough.  Managers still have to figure it out how the solution, and there is no way to link it to the bottom line.

Enter PeopleProductive.  We have the first Talent Operating System, Talent-OS®.  This is new, different and very powerful.  Until now, there have been operating systems for everything, but not one for the most important asset in every company, the people.  People count, and being able to methodically use your people to improve your bottom line is a competitive advantage.  When you realize you can get your business moving as fast as the competitive landscape is changing, why wouldn’t you?  You would be foolish to wait. Everything is evolving super fast now.  If you aren’t embracing new technologies you are falling behind every day you wait.

Don’t be a company where people are present, but not productive.  The engagement needle has barely budged for the last 15 years.  Don’t wait.  Contact us and find out how we can help you move beyond engagement.