The Workplaces of Tomorrow Are Winning Today

For companies to flourish and become a Workplace of Tomorrow, they must jettison not just their legacy systems and infrastructure, but also their legacy thinking. Corporate America is slowly being reinvented. Winning companies understand they must unlock the full talent potential of their workforce in order to efficiently turn ideas — this era’s most important

How Low EQ Damaged A Negotiation – A True Story

This is a true story that illustrates the importance of staying tuned in to the social dynamic during a negotiation.  Emotions can easily get in the way of a good outcome.  This is real.  All names have been omitted to protect the guilty.  After months of negotiation, we were down to a difference of only

We Have Been Taught to Think but Not to Feel

This blog post is excerpted from Chapter 1 of Transforming IT Culture. Our industrial past is still with us. It enabled us to perfect the use of networks, processes and computers but left us blind to the human infrastructure. The management beliefs and practices that caused this blindness have flowed from one generation of leaders