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Transforming IT Culture Book

Transforming IT Culture: How to use social intelligence, human factors and collaboration to create an IT department that outperforms.

"Technology leaders are quick to admit that the 'soft skills' of people management are often the hardest to master. In Transforming IT Culture, Frank Wander draws on his many successful years as a corporate chief information officer to provide an incredible resource for unlocking the creative talent hidden away in your IT department."  - Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief, CIO Magazine & Events


"Frank Wander shines a bright light on the most important element of success as a 21st-century leader—taking good care of our people and creating a social construct where they can collaborate and thrive. The lessons learned from experience and years of research into human motivation and behavior combine to provide a set of clear prescriptions for leading organizations that are relevant, whether you are focusing on IT or any other part of the enterprise."  - Warren Kudman, VP & Chief Information Officer, Sealed Air Corporation

network - J Killion

network: all the time, everywhere, with everybody

“The ability to form strong relationships is one of the most crucial success factors in business, opening doors and getting you more than a seat at the table.  Yet, for many, networking—and doing it well—remains a huge, missed opportunity to create opportunities. Everyone knows building connections is important, but navigating how to do it as a life and career enhancing skill is not always so intuitive. Jack’s Killion’s “how-to” resource on why we all need to network and how to do it successfully is a great resource, giving readers a head-start in mastering this essential skill. It is chock full of practical yet powerful insights culled from his more than 40 years honing networking skills as an entrepreneur and advisor to some of the world’s leading brands. This is a must-read—if you want to further your professional journey or enhance the connections you form in life.” - Anthony Campanelli Partner, Deloitte


“Everyone should read Jack Killion’s new book on networking. Parents will do their children a favor by giving Mr. Killion’s book as a high school graduation gift, when they are old enough to be curious about how to be successful.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Jack for almost 5 years. Of course, I met him through networking. As a businessman, I have always been adept at connecting with clients and customers, but Jack has taught me the true art of how to network effectively. First and foremost, he is always interested in learning more about others than him telling them about himself. This book will help all readers open the door to a new world; a world built on creating and building relationships. The result will make life more fulfilling on a personal level and help secure new leads for any business endeavor.  Mr. Killion’s book will enrich your life and sow seeds for any company’s growth as you learn from others and others learn from you.”  - Richard R Shapiro, President, The Center For Client Retention