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PeopleProductive™ was originally named the IT Excellence Institute. During the early period prior to PeopleProductive, client experience brought early lessons and provided foundational learning to address common corporate human capital challenges. This early work on transformations for clients led directly to a complete model based on human needs and the basis for our proprietary methodology. We owe a debt of gratitude to all our clients who provided the right conditions to bring this mission to its current state, as an applied strategy for productivity and a method to create unbeatable human infrastructure.


se2 operates a worldwide franchise with corporate headquarters in Topeka, KS. They are one of the premier providers of choice for the life and annuity market and have become one of the largest outsourcing providers of annuity and life administration services in the industry. PeopleProductive assisted se2 with a leadership program to develop insights into the human factors of productivity across 3 countries and multiple segments of the workforce.


NJMEP is a not-for-profit company that works with New Jersey's small to mid-size manufacturers to help them become more efficient, profitable and globally competitive. The PeopleProductive team has been working with NJMEP leaders and staff to create a sustainable model of high productivity to lead their clients by example.

"People Productive have taken NJMEP in a direction that we would never have gone on our own. We have seen both the positive and negatives results, which allows us to continually self-assess, increase awareness and continue to improve in areas often overlooked or are silent.

People Productive continues to be our mentors and the catalyst in this process of making NJMEP a better place to work, establishing our own “best practices” and increasing efficiency along the way."

Robert Basso, Controller, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.


Brown, Moskwitz & Kallen brings in-house perspective to legal representation, backed by the extensive experience of their attorneys gained from some of the most prominent law firms in New Jersey and New York. PeopleProductive helped the firm develop new insight into the fundamentals of human factors as part of a continuous improvement to make BMK one of the best places to work in New Jersey.


The New Jersey Institute of Technology is a 130 year institution that has doubled the size of its campus in the last decade, pouring millions into major new research facilities for their students. PeopleProductive CEO Frank Wander gave a keynote address at TETN's Second Annual Technology & Industry week, hosted by NJIT, on the effective use of human capital and insight into the what is needed to build organizations with leaders that understand how to unlock the productivity of their workforce.


AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, social welfare organization with a membership of nearly 38 million that helps people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities and fights for the issues that matter most to families.  Cultural transformation services using our proprietary cultural maturity and transformation methodology. The great folks at AARP worked on cultural transformation using PeopleProductive cultural maturity tools to dig into the fundamentals of their human infrastructure. They established a significant milestone in their organizational evolution and are rising to higher levels of productivity.


Sealed Air is a multinational company with over 25,000 employees serving 175 countries. Today, Sealed Air is striving to be global leaders in food safety, security, facility hygiene and product protection. Sealed Air connected with PeopleProductive to use our organizational redesign services.


New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation - HHC connected with PeopleProductive to use our organizational redesign and consulting services for supporting their IT shared services transformation.


Standard and Poors - PeopleProductive conducted a high performing organizational assessment and provided additional consulting services.


Linium - PeopleProductive assisted Linium with continuous improvement and lessons learned engagement.