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  • Frank Wander
    CEO and Founder
    Frank Wander
    CEO and Founder

    Frank Wander is a former turnaround CIO, author and founder of PeopleProductive®, a next generation Human Capital Management (HCM 2.0) company. PeopleProductive helps HR organizations and their business partners tap vast pools of dormant talent potential so the people side of their business can move faster than the rapidly changing business environment. By increasing the velocity of work, clients unlock stronger business results.

    Prior to PeopleProductive, Frank was a Chief Information Officer at three different companies, most recently at Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, as well as the President of GroupIntelligence.com during the .com era. Early on, he developed a knack for transforming organizations and spent many years turning around failing IT divisions across corporations. After his third turnaround, Wander realized failure had a consistent root cause: corporate cultures where the leaders knew everything about products, processes and technology, but nothing about the human factors that underpin workforce productivity, earnings and innovation. This awareness led him to write a book for Wiley Publishing, titled Transforming IT Culture: How to Use Social Intelligence, Human Factors and Collaboration to Create an IT Department that Outperforms. This book is the missing operators manual for the human infrastructure.

    Frank was deeply moved by this knowledge gap, and founded PeopleProductive in order to create solutions that enable companies, and the people that work for them, to flourish together. As a biology major who was always intensely interested in the human side of business, Wander witnessed how powerful human understanding was when methodically applied to improve business outcomes. Today, Wander is helping companies apply knowledge about what makes teams of workers productive so they can manage their human infrastructure as powerfully as they manage their business processes and technology, thereby improving their bottom line and winning in the marketplace.

  • Jack Killion
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Jack Killion
    Chief Strategy Officer

    Jack Killion has been developing diverse businesses over the past 4o years as:

    • Founder of 8 of his own companies in diverse industries including B to B and B to C publishing, industrial equipment manufacturing, real estate development, coaching and hedge fund investing.
    • Advisor to owners of and investors in start-up and emerging companies in many sectors
    • Strategic advisor to “C” level leaders of Fortune 500 type organizations such as AMEX, CBS, City of New York, Port of Philadelphia and the Burlington Great Northern Railroad while working with McKinsey & Company
    • Managing Director of Elliott Automation, a UK based, listed tech company.

    Jack has raised funding for his own and client companies and bought, sold and merged companies.

    His business development experiences include growing markets for his various organizations in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and throughout Latin America. He also worked full time in the research lab for a middle market industrial manufacturing company in France.

    Jack has served on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors with various U.S. and international public and privately owned companies and with prominent charitable organizations including Medical Missions for Children, American Heart Association, Park Avenue Club and the Garden State Woman Education Foundation.

    Jack’s educational background includes:

    • A Mechanical Engineering degree from Yale
    • A MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Business
    • Additional courses at the Harvard “B” School
    • Teaching as an adjunct professor in three New Jersey business schools at Rutgers, Montclair State and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities
    • Recruiting students for MIT
    • Being selected as the 1st Entrepreneur in Residence at Fairleigh Dickinson University

    Jack has written extensively on business issues for publications such as The New York Law Journal, New York Enterprise Report and for web based publications for Citibank and others.

    His book: Network all the time, everywhere with everybody focuses on developing networking and relationship development skills as a way to accelerate careers and drive profitable business growth.

  • Michael Wilson
    Head of Solutions Partner Services
    Michael Wilson
    Head of Solutions Partner Services

    Michael Wilson is a former Director of MSCI and has been involved in industries of finance, accounting, banking and manufacturing over the last 20 years. His experience ranges from manufacturing, production engineering, quality control, technology sales, to customer service and support, and also spans the cultural differences of international workforces.

    Prior to joining PeopleProductive Michael worked for various firms such as BDO, Vishay, Bank of Brazil, NCR and National Semiconductor.

    Michael spent a number of years developing a deep understanding of what truly drives team performance in organizations. His experience has been drawn from working with teams in Australia, South East Asia, UK, Germany and the US, across several industries. He has created award winning teams for exemplary service and at one company quadrupled the retention rate in his organization.

    His innovations in team management and near zero turnover were cited by Infoweek magazine in an article called “20 Great Ideas To Steal”. He has also coached hundreds of individuals to seek professionalism and meaning in their work and life.

    Since 2015 he has been working with Frank Wander who is leading a new wave of Human Capital Management with a singular mission to help companies create unbeatable human infrastructure. Michael holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and a Transnational EMBA in Finance and Strategy.

  • Dan Diachenko
    Head of Global Business Relations
    Dan Diachenko
    Head of Global Business Relations

    A firm believer that great people invest in good companies and great companies invest back in great people, Dan is driven by facilitating organizations to create a culture where everybody wins.

    Dan is responsible for leading PeopleProductive's Global Business Relations.  He has spent the past decade bringing people who aspire to do great things, together.

    His international experience, from budding start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, has enabled him to positively influence organizations to benefit from hot new technology solutions, while transforming workplace cultures.

    Taking part in the Social Software Start-up movement, Dan was one of the original Argentina-based, founding team members of Avature in 2004, a recruiting tech start-up led by the co-founder of HotJobs.com. His early adoption of online social networking and creative business-relationship building, ignited his strong organizational ties and guided international teams to optimize their product delivery and profits.

    Further expanding his IT Solutions experience, he dove deeper into Software Development, a transition that led him back to the US to launch Operations in the Northeast for two reputable LATAM software engineering companies. Dan’s niche for connecting people has endless reach.  His professional community of outstanding individuals, encompasses amazing organizations such as SIM Boston, MassTLC, Mobile Tea meetup, Microsoft communities, and many more IT arenas.

    Dan received his BA in International Business at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and his bilingual MBA at La Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Fabiano Covas
    Head of Technical Team, Latin America Regional Manager
    Fabiano Covas
    Head of Technical Team, Latin America Regional Manager

    Fabiano is responsible for People Productive’s expansion in Latin America. He has been working with Frank Wander since the inception of the company. Fabiano is a Certified Professional Coach and has always been genuinely interested in the human side of business throughout his career. 

    Prior to the PeopleProductive mission, Fabiano was a passionate leader with 18 years of experience in Information Technology. He has an extensive career in software engineering and project management and has successfully led the development and implementation of systems for the telecom, financial, transportation, logistics, media and arts, entertainment and recreation industries.

    He has provided consulting services for the Federal Bank Reserve New York, Mckinsey & Company, Wells Fargo, GAO (Government Accountability Office), NBC, The Travelers, Sprint, Navy Federal Credit Union, Quicken Loans, Georgia State University, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), Countrywide and others.

    He holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Pace University and a Masters of Science in Technology Management from Columbia University.

    He is also a former Taekwondo world-class elite athlete and served as a sparring partner for the Brazilian Taekwondo National Team. He lives between Brooklyn-NY and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He loves percussion and playing the guitar.

  • David Aragona
    Head of Content Development and Management
    David Aragona
    Head of Content Development and Management
    Dave Aragona was most recently a Vice President at TriZetto, a healthcare insurance software company with more than 100 million lives on their claims processing and group administration systems. At TriZetto, Dave was responsible for development, maintenance, support and training for their mainframe legacy systems. With a career spanning 32 years Dave worked at ADP, Beneficial Finance, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and also as a consultant at a Bell Labs data center. Dave oversaw large scale projects that brought new products to market and significant new functionality to existing products. Projects spanned several months to years, had challenging deadlines and required the coordination of a large team, with many at remote locations. Dave and his team established a project development methodology and standards that clearly defined roles, processes, deliverables and developed metrics that allowed them execute large-scale projects. He established a track record of delivering projects on schedule and of high quality while maintaining a strong team of business analysts, programmers, quality assurance analysts, customer support specialists and documentation developers. Dave has a great deal of experience in the human side of business and always strove to put people first, believing that if you treated people well, they would achieve a high performance ethic. The products he oversaw received the high customer satisfaction ratings for the company and his team members reported high levels of employee satisfaction under Dave's management. With this depth of experience Dave has been coordinating the development of a significant wealth of content to bring knowledge of this critical mission to life and to help organizations flourish through the learning and empowerment of its leaders.
  • Fred Wander
    Head of Quality Assurance
    Fred Wander
    Head of Quality Assurance

    Prior to joining PeopleProductive, Fred worked for 38 years in the IT industry, with the majority of those years in the Global Services division at IBM. He has worked in all phases of software development, with the last 20 years in a Project Manager role, successfully leading the development and implementation of a wide range of applications including Financial systems, Manufacturing floor control and automation systems, supply chain management systems, and most recently mobile applications supporting Sales Force automation. While leading projects, he had a clear focus on the human factors involved in running a winning team, and saw first hand the positive impact on productivity and team synergy of such things as showing respect and compassion for team members, having open communication from the leadership community, and building trust amongst team members and leadership. Fred is PMI and IBM project manager certified.

  • Steve Mazzarese
    Sales Executive
    Steve Mazzarese
    Sales Executive

    Steve Mazzarese leads the sales and marketing effort to build and expand PeopleProductive’s Solution Provider network, a key sales and delivery channel within PeopleProductive. Steve has over 25 years of professional experience working for large, medium and small companies, including start-ups, focusing on business development, client management, salesforce effectiveness, transformational outsourcing, talent management, strategic consulting, and partner alliances.

    Prior to working at PeopleProductive, Steve worked at various major organizations including Wyeth/Ayerst Laboratories, IMS Health, Quintiles, NDC and Cegedim.

    Steve has developed a vast amount of experience helping to build and promote company awareness both domestic and international through their products, services and people talent. Working closely within areas of training, sales optimization, marketing, corporate development and workforce management. Steve has lead the effort in a number of mergers/acquisitions, as well as, integration of multiple companies in terms of people, management and culture. Experience working with organizations within Life Science, Healthcare and Technology acting as a strategic consultant and advisor.

    Steve possesses a BS degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology and currently resides with his family in Belle Mead, NJ.

  • Bill Kane
    Sales Executive
    Bill Kane
    Sales Executive
  • Christina Nay
    Global Business Relations
    Christina Nay
    Global Business Relations

    Christina joins PeopleProductive’s Global Business Relations team with over 10 years’ experience as a top performer from the Big Four giant; Deloitte.  She is an expert and proven leader in driving high performing teams, operational excellence, process efficiency, change management and budget optimization.

    Known as a change agent, she has an unwavering commitment to teamwork, employee empowerment and operational excellence, and excels in revamping low performing areas directly impeding productivity and client service delivery.

    Over the last decade, Christina gained a reputation for her ability to take on and tackle large-scale, highly complex projects and initiatives, and deliver immediate impact and dramatic operational transformation at Deloitte. She is known for her ability to drive a new level of accountability and engagement across diverse stakeholders, including teams in the U.S. and India.  Deloitte recognized Christina’s efforts with “The Best of the Best Award”, for her leadership and innovative solutions.   

    Most importantly, she commits herself to empowering employees to do their best work. As a result, Christina has consistently been successful in transforming employees to become high performers (in both the US & India) while at Deloitte.

    Christina is passionate about giving back to our local communities over the years.  She has led and participated in various community involvement programs and initiatives.  Deloitte recognized her as the Volunteer Extraordinaire of the Year for her commitment and dedication to the Adopt a Family Organization.

    During her down-time, when Christina is not creating cultures where everyone wins!. . . She loves being active outdoors with her German Shepherd, an avid CrossFitter - competing in local CrossFit Box competitions, coaching varsity high school softball, and spending time with her family and friends.