PeopleProductive says frequent assessment is key to retaining millennials — and other workers

PeopleProductive Steve-Frank-Jack

From left are Steve Mazzarese, sales executive; Frank Wander, founder and CEO; and Jack Killion, director of strategic development, PeopleProductive. - (AARON HOUSTON)

Traditionalists and baby boomers are finally listening to Generation X and the millennials on how to transform the workplace to best utilize and retain evolving talent.

Some, like Frank Wander, founder and CEO of PeopleProductive in Hillsborough, are even capitalizing on it.

“We worry about our processes, our financials, our products, our marketing — but we don’t have a way to measure, manage and motivate our people that is reliable and useful,” Wander said. “We can do so much better and get much bigger returns on talent if we would just actually take the time to understand what drives the productivity of the modern workforce.”

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 Article by Meg Fry.