all the time, everywhere, with everybody

Over more than 35 years as an entrepreneur, Jack went from being a self-described neophyte at developing relationships to being astute and very successful. He has paid his dues and has a wealth of knowledge on how to build new relationships, and take care of existing ones. Whether you're a CEO or just starting out. This book provides actionable tools for any working professional.

Keith Ferrazzi Author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller “Who’s Got Your Back” and “Never Eat Alone”

Jack Killion

Why Jack wrote this book:

"Early in my life and career I was totally clueless about the importance of networking and how to develop long term win-win relationships that would both accelerate my career and enhance my personal and family life.

I started to teach myself how to successfully network when I launched my entrepreneurial career in the early 70’s after quitting my last pay check job working with McKinsey & Company, where I provided strategic guidance to “C” level leaders of major corporations.

In the past four decades I sharpened and benefited enormously from my networking and relationship development skills starting and/or buying and growing seven businesses in diverse industries from publishing to manufacturing to real estate development to horse racing  and to investment management.

During these decades I also served on the boards of several private and public corporations as well as important non-profit organizations.

As a result, over this long period I have been consistently using and sharing my networking abilities as an adjunct professor at three New Jersey universities, by forming a training firm to coach business leaders on these skills and by writing this book.

I know that networking and relationship development needs to be taught throughout our school system. Unfortunately this does not happen, even at the graduate school level. I rate these abilities right up there with the importance of reading, writing and arithmetic.

The majority of organizations fail to recognize the enormous untapped potential of their people learning to exponentially improve and apply their networking and relationship development skills both internally and externally.

People in organizations of all types may occasionally be told “You need to network” but they are rarely told why and how.

My ambition is that this book, Network: all the time, everywhere with everybody helps fill this important void."