Culture Engineering

How To Unleash an Organization’s Full Energy

A high performing culture is not the product of chance, but rather thoughtful design. Understanding what culture is, and how to change it is a true source of competitive advantage. Most companies have culture by default. They don’t know what it is, or how it evolved into its current form.

When our services are married to Talent-OS, you have the ability to unleash the full energy of your workforce.  We enable our clients to maximize their return on human capital by becoming experts on the people side of the business. If you need to get a lot more productivity out of your existing staff, or unlock collaborative innovation, then we have the solution for you. We are the only company that has been able to turn the human factors that drive productivity into a true methodology. Companies who have a culture that is the product of “default, not design,” are letting a percentage of their human capital investment go unused.

We will collaborate with you, and coach you, so you can unlock innovative and transformative change using five levels of cultural maturity; we will help you move up the productivity and innovation pyramid, such that each success builds on your previous progress; we will help you accelerate transformative change by leveraging the human factors of productivity and innovation to increase organizational effectiveness. This is management science for knowledge work, no different than the process management revolution Frederick Taylor unleashed over 100 years ago.

We will perform a cultural maturity assessment and show you the level your organization is operating on. PeopleProductive will explain which human factors are impeding your staff, and reveal the behaviors and practices that limit your return on human capital. Next, we will show you how to improve your culture in defined steps, each one unlocking more workforce productivity, as illustrated below.

You will move up the maturity model using our proprietary methodology. This methodolgy enables you to understand and apply the human factors at each level, and defines what you have to do to unlock the next level of maturity. Cultural maturity has always been a black box, most often a product of default, not design. Any company can build a truly high performing culture using our methodology. This is the science of productivity.

There is nothing more satisfying than a mission accomplished, and nothing more important than maximizing your return on talent.  We will show you how to transform your culture, and then coach you through the process.  A high performing culture is the difference between mediocrity and greatness; it is the difference between under-performing and out-competing; it is the difference between failing and thriving.

When your employees are flourishing, so will you.