As a Solution Provider, What's In It For You?

We have great software and a methodology built from the ground up with solution providers in mind.  You can build a new revenue stream using our on-demand tool provided to you with no up-front cost.  We are easy to work with and are creating a world where everybody wins.  That includes your firm.

"We want to team up long term with exceptional solution providers capable of providing the substantial client consulting services that our software generates.  We are interested in partnering with Management Consulting organizations employing practice areas within: Organizational Effectiveness & Development, Workforce Transformation and Talent Productivity, Organizational Culture/Behavior, Change Management and Sales Force Effectiveness/Optimization"

Steve Mazzarese, New Business Development & Marketing


Steve Mazzarese describes PeopleProductive's Solution Provider program.

Michael Wilson describes PeopleProductive's Solution Provider  Support program.