“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

– Doug Conant, Former CEO of Campbell’s Soup

What we offer is very simple: We help you become experts at getting the best out of your people; we help you win in the workplace.  

PeopleProductive gives you a complete solution that deeply addresses both engagement and enablement.  Engagement alone is not enough and by itself does not work. Frankly, it has not worked.  It deals with symptoms, not root causes.  This is very clear from the Gallup studies that show the global workforce remains deeply disengaged, despite 20 years of engagement assessment and action planning across companies and industries.  

PeopleProductive has a comprehensive model of the human needs that drive powerful outcomes. We will help you assess how these needs are impacting the effectiveness of your workforce, tell you your precise level of cultural maturity (across five levels), and then help you apply new winning ways (processes and behaviors) to methodically move up the maturity curve so you get more done.

PeopleProductive works with clients to methodically improve firm-wide business outcomes by providing a turnkey, on-demand solution, Talent-OS, an engagement and enablement operating system that comes with a toolbox. This toolbox helps you understand and see how deeply every human need is being met so you know where to focus to unlock the full potential of your workforce. As you methodically advance to higher levels of maturity, you have the answers to the question: What specifically do we need to do to drive deeper levels of engagement and enablement. The toolbox provides access to almost 1000 winning ways that leaders and individual contributors can deploy immediately.

You don’t have to chase the latest research, best practices and findings. We do it for you, and our community of users does it, so you have one stop shopping for the human side of business.    

We help you build, manage and monitor a self-improving, self-regulating culture that speeds up on its own.  You will outcompete and win by more effectively using your talent infrastructure than your rivals do because you will:

  • Build resilience by managing the mood and confidence levels.
  • Continuously shorten cycles of innovation by leveraging the human factors of innovation.
  • Drive empowerment by ceding control.
  • More efficiently transform concepts into products and services.
  • Get certified. Build expertise in the human factors of productivity and cultural engineering.
  • Mange the interdependence of teams, organizational units, and third parties by creating a shared model of how they are expected to work together.
  • Drive commitment by ensuring teams have a direct voice in how individuals and teams collaborate. Build the missing collaboration model (governance) for how teams work together.
  • Grow your bottom line by creating an unbeatable culture across every layer of your company.

Contact us to learn more. Finally you can instrument the human side of business – just like has already been done for your processes and technology infrastructure.