• REAL Leadership FitnessTM

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  • Shaping Culture from the Top Down

    REAL Leadership Fitness is a unique and valuable assessment that combines cultural engagement metrics with a leadership 360° report. It measures the most impactful leadership skills and capabilities that drive healthy cultures and high-performing teams: Resiliency, Engagement, Agility, and Leading with Wisdom.


    When executives receive their report, they are able to directly link their leadership behaviors and impact on the cultural environment and how well employees are engaged. Additionally, executives are able to identify specific points of intervention that are required to drive improved performance.

  • Here's How it Works

    Step One

    Measure your CulturalFitness Levels

    Establish or reuse your CulturalFitness baseline across both emotional intelligence and enablement to benchmark the impact of leadership influence on the organization.

    Step Two

    Run REAL Leadership 360 Assessment

    Invite fellow team members to assess a leader using our REAL Leadership Fitness 360 Assessment, which measures leadership skills and capabilities in four areas: Agility, Resilience, Engagement, and Leading with Wisdom.

    Step Three

    View REAL Leadership 360 Reports

    When executives receive their report, they are able to directly see how their leadership behaviors shape the culture under them and impact the overall level of CulturalFitness for their organization.

    Step Four

    Conduct Leadership Fitness Workouts

    Every leader works on areas where their behavior is holding back the culture. Leaders take accountability to boost personal performance by selecting from lists of High EQ Behaviors tied directly to the desired REAL 360 focus areas where improvement is needed.

    Step Five

    Track impact of REAL Improvement

    Leaders stay motivated to personally grow because they can see their culture improve as they workout and raise their emotional intelligence by virtue of deeper self-awareness.

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