• Why PeopleProductive?

  • About Us.

    Deep within you, a sound rumbles. It pleads with urgency and frustration for a way to finally harness the full force of culture for true business impact.


    We hear you. We are here for you. We are PeopleProductive, the only culture and engagement solution that activates culture to power productivity. Unlike typical passive “solutions” that identify issues but fail to address them, we fuse deep insights, innovative technology, and a focus on humanity to enable real action for real results. We call our distinct combination of culture assessments, workouts, and analytics CulturalFitnessTM. You’ll call it the best way to strengthen individuals, teams, and your company.

    Why PeopleProductive?

    Our buyers believe that Peter Drucker was only half-right when he said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Actually, it devours strategy for lunch and dinner, too.


    Our buyers aren’t looking only to understand or build a better culture. They want something more. They are eager to activate culture in their companies — to turn on the cultural light switch in every employee to illuminate new ways of working and ignite greater productivity as individuals, teams, and an organization.

    How We Activate Culture.

    Imagine a personal fitness trainer who evaluates your fitness level, offers some exercise advice, and then — then what? It’s the “then what” that matters most.


    PeopleProductive is not just a culture or engagement sensor that offers best-practice tips. We're on the whole journey with your company by partnering with you to elevate your CulturalFitnessTM with real action, for real cultural engagement and real business impact.

  • CulturalFitnessTM

    Why it Matters?

    In this digital era, people are the most important tool. The fitness of your culture is how effectively your people work together to execute, innovate and collaborate, driving your organization's time to value.


    How do you get CulturallyFitTM?

    Our solution is designed for busy people and takes just 15 minutes a week to powerfully transform your culture. Our intuitive AI solution empowers your people to learn and get CulturallyFit on a continuous basis.

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