• Why, What and How to building a productive culture.

    Welcome to the Human Capital Productivity space! Yup, the Human Capital Management space was too noisy, so we invented a new way for companies to get the best out of their people and achieve better business outcomes.


    Many businesses invest a lot of time and money on productivity improvement efforts like Lean Six Sigma, SCM, DMAIC, and ISO 9001 certifications.


    PeopleProductive has taken that concept to the human side of the enterprise. We similarly help you find, measure and fix a broad spectrum of behavioral, emotional and enablement issues. For the first time, you can eliminate the inefficiency that holds highly productive people back and measurably increase productivity.


    CulturalFitnessTM is an AI solution that applies the science of people productivity to more effectively execute, innovate and collaborate, driving both shorter time-to-value and higher returns on human capital.


    It finds, measures and fixes:

    • Unseen barriers.
    • Weak relationships, delivering significant cost savings, improved employee satisfaction and efficiency.
    • Inadequate leadership self-awareness.


  • Did you know?

    Companies only tap 50% of their people's full potential.

    Find, measure and fix issues that block culture productivity.
  • How CulturalFitness Works

    Step One

    Measure your CulturalFitness Levels

    Establish CulturalFitness baseline metrics across both emotional intelligence and enablement to create your customized Workout Routine.

    Step Two

    Target Business Outcomes

    Hone-in and improve individual, team, and organizational fitness to drive business outcomes that affect your bottom line such as: Collaboration, program execution, integration of merged cultures, and many more!


    Link your Key Behavior Indicators (KBI's) to Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for the first time.

    Step Three

    Answer Weekly Warm-Up Questions

    By answering just a few questions a week, our AI solution creates actionable insight into opportunities for performance acceleration in preparation for the Team Workout. These warm-up questions are tied to the business outcomes selected in step one.

    Step Four

    Conduct Team Workouts

    Every team spends 15 minutes in their weekly Team Workout to discuss, share, and learn about the most important unmet emotional need specific to that team and desired Outcome. Everyone takes accountability to boost both team and personal performance by selecting from lists of High EQ Behaviors tied directly to the desired Outcome.

    Step Five

    Track CulturalFitness Improvement

    Teams and individuals track their emotional growth and progress as they workout to make their soft skills hard.

  • Are Your Leaders REAL Fit?

    We have a solution to help shape culture from the top down.

  • Our Secret

    We weave high EQ and full Enablement into the fabric of your organization.

    Behavioral DNA helps teams work better together through high degrees of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Enablement.

    It's All About Working Better Together

    Your success as an organization is powered by how efficiently your leaders and people get work done across every level.


    Our EQ Workouts embed proven behavioral traits that enhance mood, drive passion, and power collaboration so that people become your new competitive edge.


    Our Enablement Solution uses workouts and cross-functional collaboration to remove the barriers to efficiency that hold highly motivated people back.


    Our REAL Leadership Fitness TM uses a unique 360 to reveal a leader's behavioral impact on their culture and then delivers personalized workouts to improve the culture and their performance.


    This all comes out-of-the-box. Turnkey. Easy.


    For the first time, you can build a highly productive culture by optimizing every aspect of the human experience.


    Bring it on!

  • Why Our Workouts Work


    CulturalFitness is the first solution in the world built from the ground-up using the science of people productivity.



    Our solution has been five years in the making – purpose built for this digital era where talent and culture are the only sustainable competitive advantage.


    Unlike engagement solutions, CulturalFitness is not just a sensor. It actually addresses the root causes of disengagement to raise your productivity and engagement scores company-wide.


    Don’t double your workforce, double your productivity!

    Deeply Human

    CulturalFitness arms your workforce to use human needs, behaviors, and emotions as workplace tools that powerfully shape culture, drive productivity and unlock innovation through emotional experiences.



    We use Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Culture Metrics to raise the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of every person and leader in your organization so that highly productive behaviors are operationalized, and soft skills become hard.

  • Science of Culture:

    Why People Count So Much in the New World of Work

    Presented by: Intel IT Center

    Featuring our CEO, Frank Wander!

  • Achieve better business outcomes today!

    Master the human side of business

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