Become an Organization
that Outperforms
...Without Burning People Out!

A Human Performance Platform designed for leaders who want to drive business performance without burning people out.

Leaders lead better

Culture as a source of competitive advantage

A business that outperforms

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Inability to successfully execute strategic programs

Inability to develop the next generation of leaders

Inability to understand how to turn disengaged employees into engaged ones

Imagine a world where every organization
outperforms because of its people.

How? By enabling you to do 3 things radically differently:

1 - Gain Deep Insights

Remove the blind spot around human performance.

Provide leaders with surgical insight into what's holding their people's performance back.

2 - Isolate Root-Causes

Don't waste time on the wrong things.

Pinpoint the barriers that sap energy, impede collaboration, and drain away motivation.

3 - Orchestrate Improvements

Enable leaders to help individuals, teams and organizations perform better. At the same time, develop human leadership skills.

We help you hold leadership accountable to drive improvements in the flow of work.

Chris Rezendes

Chief Revenue Officer

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“We've identified ways to reduce the amount of time folks spend on non value added items in their sales plan…and really cut through the bureaucracy… identify the opportunities they need in the sales process to close…It will be something that I use in my career not only today but in the future. So I would give them two thumbs up, great interaction, great time spent, great money spent.”

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Organizations that are betting on PeopleProductive and its partners to drive better business outcomes.

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We give you the ability to identify and remove the barriers that hold your performance back.

How we are different

At PeopleProductive, we know you understand leadership matters and we also know you want to develop your leaders, improve your culture, and drive exceptional results.

To achieve this, you need a complete solution that clearly illuminates the leadership blind spots, with tools to remove them.

The problem is, you’re stuck with engagement solutions that supply valuable insights but fall short when it comes to taking corrective action. This leaves you feeling frustrated because your leaders cannot address the findings on their own, so little to nothing changes.

We believe that every leadership team should have access to the tools and resources required to drive behavioral change, create a genuine sense of belonging amongst your workforce, and support every team's fundamental human needs so they get more done without burning out.

We understand that every culture is unique, and that's why we've developed the world's first Human Performance Platform, designed to help your leaders lead better, so your organization thrives.

Here's how it works:

1. Our real-time platform gives your leaders surgical insight into what is holding their people’s performance back.

2. Our advanced analytics isolate the root causes, so your leaders invest time working on the right things.

3. Our agile performance improvement solution directs each leader to work on what they need to work on most, prompts them to establish goals, tracks their progress, periodically measures improvement, and guarantees on-going feedback and conversations with their boss.

So, get in touch with us to experience our solution and learn how sustained behavioral change unlocks new levels of leadership performance.

Don't let ineffective leadership and an inability to develop your next generation of leaders jeopardize your success.

With our platform, your leaders will have the guidance and tools to serve their people and create a peak performing culture.

Improvement Solutions


Create a leadership team that skillfully removes the obstacles holding your people back.


Hit your numbers with high aptitude sales teams and accountable leaders.

Project & Program

Gain deep insight into your projects and programs and then resolve the performance issues.

In today's business landscape top performers leverage the power of people, not technology

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Ron Arigo

Chief Human Resources Officer

“I would highly recommend working with people productive…The work that they did with our travel division and also our insurance division each with unique challenges…the challenge of how to optimize our platform for exponential sales growth…I would say we had wonderful ROI…and one specific mention that resonates with me is the work that they did … to help us to understand the quantifiable cost of making a bad hire…  I thought that was terrific, so All in all a wonderful experience”

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