Sales Performance

Today’s top performing sales organizations leverage the power of people, not technology ​

In reality….​ Most sales organizations don’t even come close​.

“You hire too many mediocre salespeople because you don’t have the right formula”​
“Your leaders waste too much time coaching and training the wrong people”​
“Your team is spending too much time talking to prospects that will never buy"​
“Your sales leaders don’t know how to tap the full potential of their salespeople"​
“You have to explain why you missed your quota again"​

Turn Sales Success Into a Product of Science

How we can help?

We uniquely help you improve in 3 ways

1. Gain deep insights.

Based on 19 sales competencies, we show you how your A-players differ from B and C players.   We also show you where your culture is helping and hurting sales. This removes the blind spots. ​

2. Isolate root-causes.

Then we use predictive analytics to reveal which tactics will generate the most sales.  We also use our analytics to isolate a hiring formula, so you can avoid bad hires going forward.​

3. Orchestrate improvements.

Lastly, we help you hold your sales leaders accountable, so they lead better, your salespeople close more business, and you hit your numbers.​

What you´ll gain?

You gain these positive impacts

1. Increased sales per rep ​

2. Increased predictability of revenue so you don’t have to explain why you missed your numbers​

3. A higher performing culture that represents your unique sales formula​

Boost sales using these three powerful steps​

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