Why we're unique?

About us

PeopleProductive was founded by practitioners who studied and applied the human sciences in companies to measurably improve business results on the job.

We are not academics, but people who operated at every layer of management to create workplaces where people came together and gave their best. It was both our job and our passion.

We cared deeply about people and their human experience because we understood how much our people produced meant everything. So, we developed the leadership competency to create cultures where people were both motivated and able to give their best.

Consequently, our operating divisions were laboratories where we grew deeply human skills to bring a motivating and highly productive human experience to life for our people. We witnessed firsthand the power of talented people who were switched on, not switched off. This played out time and again. It was real.

However, as we turned around organizations, a gap remained. Strategic tools existed to methodically measure and improve the performance of every aspect of business, except talent. The only tool companies had, and for the most part still have, are engagement and employee experience platforms that offer Action Planning.

Unfortunately, the action planning did not work, and still does not work. Action planning rarely resulted in real change which created employee disengagement and survey fatigue.

In fact, per Gallup, the percent of actively engaged people in the workforce has barely budged in the last 20 years despite tens of billions in investment.

This incredible waste must stop. That's why we created PeopleProductive.

By Addressing The Action Planning Gap We Help You Drive Business Performance

In the image above, you can see we are the only company in the Business Performance space. There are many competitors in the Employee Engagement and Employee Experience case, but Business Performance is where the market will move.


Business Performance is the future because in today's business landscape, top performers leverage the power of people, not technology.

They drive the innovations we love. Deliver new products to market faster. And are magnets for the best talent.

The sad reality: Most organizations struggle to come even close.

For them, launching a large initiative feels like a 'fingers-crossed moment'. Siloed behaviors slow them down. They have silent uninspired workers. And they are unable to identify, let alone remove, the barriers that hold them back. The result: Human underperformance and an incredible waste of human capital.

The PeopleProductive Difference will give you leaders that lead better, culture as a source of competitive advantage and a business that outperforms.

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