The Power of Meaning

“In the meaningful life you use your highest strengths and talents to belong to and serve something you believe is larger than the self." - Viktor Frankl

What a magnificent quote by Victor Frankl that gets to the essence of the power of meaning - the human need to belong to a Community that serves a meaningful purpose, tapping into the best people have to offer, individually and collectively.

Here are some other quotes by Viktor Frankl that I find particularly inspiring:

“Leading a meaningful life corresponds with being a "giver." People leading meaningful lives get a lot of joy from giving to others."

“Meaning transcends the self. People who have high meaning in their lives are more likely to help others in need.”

“Meaning is not only about transcending the self, but also about transcending the present moment -- It connects the past to the present to the future.”

When I wrote The Human Experience in the Digital Age I started it with yet another quote from Frankl - "a human being is no thing". That we have innate needs for safety, belonging, purpose, and growth - needs that were ignored as irrelevant in the Industrial Age - that when satisfied are the true source of sustained organizational agility and optimal productivity.

Does this sound like Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs? That's because it is - satisfying human needs for safety, love and belonging, and growth, directed by an intrinsic sense of meaning. That satisfying these needs is the true source of optimal human contribution and accomplishment shaping a virtuous culture that promotes organizational (community) prosperity Today and Tomorrow. A culture where People thrive ever fueling untold future possibilities. Is it possible? Yes it is.

This is what I see, This is my quest. My personal Meaning that compels me to "give" and share my thoughts as they evolve.

Frank Wander

Frank Wander, a former CIO, is the founder and CEO of PeopleProductive (, and the author of Transforming IT Culture, How to Use Social Intelligence, Human Factors and Collaboration to Create an IT Department That Outperforms (Wiley, 2013). This unique book is the first operator’s manual for human infrastructure and will help you successfully transform your leadership style and organization.

PeopleProductive has taken that concept to the human side of the enterprise. We similarly help you find, measure and fix a broad spectrum of behavioral, emotional and enablement issues. For the first time, you can eliminate the inefficiency that holds highly productive people back and measurably increase productivity.

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