CulturalFitness™ for Enterprise Programs

Get Enterprise Programs Done Much Faster!

Speed, resilience, agility, and innovation are hallmarks of the digital era. More than ever, the ability of an organization to execute agile enterprise programs is a competitive necessity.

Program slowness, delays and failures are not the result of technology, it’s the culture of the organization that gets in the way. The root cause is people working together ineffectively, or lacking the time, tools, energy or resources to do the job.

Accelerate time-to-value with CulturalFitness™ for Enterprise Programs

CulturalFitness™ for Enterprise Programs can turn your company’s ability to execute enterprise programs into a competitive advantage!

With CulturalFitness™ for Enterprise Programs you will have powerful diagnostic tools to uncover precisely what is holding your programs back, a powerful roadmap to get them back on track, and powerful dashboards and transformation tools to make sure they remain that way.

Use CulturalFitness™ for Enterprise Programs to boost program efficiency, collaboration, and energy resulting in next levels of agile program execution.

Program Efficiency addresses how well a program is resourced, governed, and staffed with the right skills and knowledge.

Program Collaboration addresses how well leadership at all levels spanning stakeholder groups cooperate to achieve program purpose.

Program Energy addresses the extent to which people are engaged and energized by the program.

Our powerful diagnostic is just the start. CulturalFitness™ is an agile learning methodology that harnesses the power of organizational culture and transforms an organization’s energy into real cross-functional results. Get much more done in less time. That is what agile is all about.

Get started by conducting a baseline diagnostic for any program!

The diagnostic will reveal precisely what is holding your program back and provide guidance on what you should do about it. The diagnostic is real time meaning there is no waiting for results, and it takes your people minutes to complete.

Imagine doing this for all programs comprising your portfolio. For the first time you will have visibility into the cultural health of your programs at a granular level to surgically address conditions threatening success.

You can conduct the diagnostic at any point in a program’s life cycle. Doing it at the outset as an integral part of program planning offers the most leverage as it sets the stage for success, saving time and money!

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