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"First and foremost, I want to say that I would highly recommend working with PeopleProductive. What they did was highly customized to our needs."

Ron Arigo

Chief Human Resources Officer

AAA Northeast

"Stop at Nothing has over 30 years of leadership development and cultural transformation experience gained working with over 40,000 leaders in 38 countries.  With so many new HR tech capabilities entering the Human Capital Management marketplace, our firm wanted an integrated digital tool that brings an agile methodology to cultural transformation and leadership effectiveness in order to drive sustained behavioral change and improved bottom-line results. 
 We only found one solution: PeopleProductive’s REAL CulturalFitness and REAL Leadership, built in partnership with Conscious Business Insights. This is the game changer HR has been waiting for.”

Kevin Haas

Managing Partner

Stop at Nothing

"CEOs across every one of my client’s businesses indicate their #1 Concern is instilling and maintaining a positive organizational culture.
PeopleProductive provides a proactive and informative tool that works in an engaging way to measurably improve productivity while reinforcing an organization’s business goals and cultural expectations - ultimately delivering a significant competitive advantage."

Tom Kearney

Rear Admiral USN (Ret)


Kearney Group LLC

“The CulturalFitness tools from PeopleProductive help my Training and Knowledge team go from strong to stronger.

The CulturalFitness assessment and workouts provide valuable insight into our team’s areas of strength and opportunity using dashboards full of great data that is very user-friendly and just the level of detail I need.  I thought I knew my team very well, but gained unexpected insights from the CulturalFitness data that helped us grow in areas we might not have tended to otherwise.

The REAL 360 Evaluation tool collected feedback from my work community and interpreted it in a way that was insightful and easy-to-receive.  This insight, coupled with coaching from Stop at Nothing (a PeopleProductive partner), led me to greater self-awareness and professional success in recent months.

The associated workouts led our team to deeper understanding of our perspectives and helped ignite conversations about how to improve and grow together.  Employee engagement and connectivity within the group very visibly improved following the workouts.

These tools take digital transformation of organizational cultural development to a new level!”

Jan Dietz

Senior Manager Learning & Development


"Improving Team Cohesiveness and Morale.

Cultural Fitness has created dedicated time for our team to talk about culture in a structured way!

We have experienced disengagement within the team that was affecting morale and performance and we did not know where to start in making a true impact to change.

Normally, this topic would be treated as an afterthought, but CulturalFitness has integrated the topic into our weekly routine and given us tools to practice it.

CulturalFitness is a helpful tool in driving and organizing the conversations. At first these conversations felt awkward and forced, but as we get more “fit”, the team grew accustomed to talking about issues candidly, and the conversations became easier and more beneficial.

It has been immensely helpful in getting to know the thoughts and feelings of our team in Helsinki, and have enabled them to feel more part of the overall team."

Improving Team Cohesiveness and Morale

"With an easy to use mobile app and outstanding customer service, CulturalFitness is poised to be a leader in the Digital Age when it comes to improving organizational behavior. Not only does the platform provide a baseline on the culture in your organization, it also provides proven resources to improve culture. CulturalFitness is a tool you want to help increase team collaboration and performance, job satisfaction and lower attrition."

Terri Mayes

IT Relationship Manager

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama

Improving Inter-Department Relationships

"CulturalFitness has been a freeing exercise!

The vast majority of the issues we have experienced have been directly related to instances where our jobs were made harder by actions (or inactions) on the part of other departments.

We are working on our communication skills around voicing those concerns and frustrations. While we are focusing on “US” we are also focusing on how we relate to other departments – this way we aren’t putting the blame for our unhappiness on others but focusing on what WE can do to improve those relationships and communication.

We keep going back to the boosters from a few weeks ago – practice empathy and increase self- awareness - as these things seem to have been at the heart of the negativity happening before.

I think my favorite part of this whole thing is we have changed our weekly “huddle” to a full fledged meeting where we leave our desks and have a room where we can be honest."

Wisdom Health CulturalFitness Experiences

"CulturalFitness has enabled us to have candid, powerful conversations about how we are working together and triggered real behavior change and improvement in our organizational culture.  Because of the feedback and discussions, we have uncovered both the good and the bad, and all of it has been enlightening. CulturalFitness provides on-going valuable insights into the pulse of our organization.  Employees value that it prompts conversations and actions around areas of concern to them.

Our motivation to use CulturalFitness has been to build a highly productive culture that attracts and retains great employees and empowers them to do their best work. We absolutely recommend CulturalFitness."

Tim McCandless

Scout Executive & CEO at Narragansett Council

Boys Scouts of America

"My experience with PeopleProductive has been eye-opening. Leading development teams in both India and Eastern Europe for one of our core global products, I launched CulturalFitness to find out what might be slowing down project delivery and causing team turnover. We thought we had our bases covered, but through CulturalFitness were able to discover unproductive behaviors and it gave me visibility into areas that were blind spots. I really like how CulturalFitness finds, measures and prescribes the action steps needed to improve business outcomes; in our case: project delivery and meeting deadlines. As a software engineering leader, I find this to be a very powerful solution."

Brandon Jackson

Director of Software Engineering


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