Why we're unique?

About us

PeopleProductive was founded by practitioners who studied and applied the human sciences over decades in order to measurably improve business results on the job. We are not academics, but people who operated at every layer of management to create workplaces where people came together and gave their best. It was both our job and our passion. We cared deeply about people and their human experience because we knew how much workers produced for us meant everything.

Consequently, our operating divisions were laboratories where we grew deeply human skills to bring a motivating and highly productive human experience to life for our people. We witnessed first hand the power of talented people who were switched on, instead of being switched off. This played out time and again. It was real.

However, there was a gap, which was also an opportunity. Strategic tools existed to methodically measure and improve the performance of every aspect of business, except talent. In 2014, PeopleProductive set out to fill this gap by inventing the first Talent Operating System. Like many inventions, it was an iterative research and development effort to instrument the human side of business, and make human productivity measurable for the first time. We ignored the experts who said people were an intangible asset and human productivity could not be measured.

We applied our collective experience and solved this problem by creating the science of people productivity and a strategic human capital management solution. Now you can build the skills necessary to free their spirit of human achievement so your people and company soar together.

Why PeopleProductive?

Leaders and their teams face the challenge of creating high performance. Additionally, they face even tougher issues, such as infighting, mistrust, apathy and confusion.

REAL CulturalFitness systemically identifies team and culture strengths and weaknesses, pointing the way for leaders to raise the bar on cultural fitness to drive peak performance. The goal is to create a high-performance culture that uses high trust and continuous learning to optimize the contributions of all leaders, teams and individuals in the enterprise.

Our system goes well beyond identifying the pro and cons of the current culture. It proactively prescribes the steps that leaders can take to enhance the culture via micro-burst learning, pulsed progress checks, and culture boosting exercises.

How We Activate Culture.

Leaders are often unaware about how their learned fears, egos, and personality flaws impact their effectiveness in dealing with others. This program shows you, as a leader, how to improve your own personal effectiveness through suggested – and private – articles, learning videos, instructions, and exercises tailored for you.

Our REAL Leadership is a unique 360-style survey that reveals a leader’s behavioral impact on their team and culture. Customized micro-burst learning elevates self- awareness in leaders so that targeted behavioral adjustments guided via a personalized learning path construct the roadmap to improve performance.

CulturalFitness is an AI solution that applies the science of people productivity to more effectively execute, innovate and collaborate, driving both shorter time-to-value and higher returns on human capital. Your success as an organization is powered by how efficiently your leaders and people get work done across every level.

Combining these two offerings into REAL CulturalFitness recognizes the interplay of leadership influence and cultural climate. It is the first and only solution available that integrates leadership and culture development focused on maximizing the return on human capital.



Innovative - Robust - Deeply Human - Real-time

CulturalFitness is an AI solution that applies the science of people productivity to more effectively execute, innovate and collaborate, driving both shorter time-to-value and higher returns on human capital.

Why it Matters?

In this digital era, people are the most important tool. The fitness of your culture is how effectively your people work together to execute, innovate and collaborate, driving your organization's time to value.

How do you get CulturallyFit?

Our solution is designed for busy people and takes just 15 minutes a week to powerfully transform your culture. Our intuitive AI solution empowers your people to learn and get CulturallyFit on a continuous basis.

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