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We are here to meet your needs and help you build a truly high performance culture.
With PeopleProductive, you have two options:

 -  We offer powerful turnkey culture solutions that drive real business improvement. Now you can engineer human performance higher by removing barriers to productivity, and then computing progress and results using your key performance indicators.

-  Alternatively, we can configure our platform to create exactly what you want and need. Because many companies have well defined values, behaviors and performance models, we will quickly bring your culture to life.

Drive Human Performance Higher
Our Turnkey Solutions

Are you frustrated with engagement solutions that lead to no measurable change in business performance?  

helps you drive human capital productivity higher with our turnkey solutions.  We have met the challenge of measurably improving culture head on by linking everything we do to your business results. Finally, your leaders, teams and workers can methodically build the missing soft skills and competencies required to succeed in a digital era where what your people produce means everything.

Your people



Innovative - Robust - Deeply Human - Real-time

CulturalFitness is an AI solution that applies the science of people productivity to more effectively execute, innovate and collaborate, driving both shorter time-to-value and higher returns on human capital.

Your leaders


REAL™ Leadership

Powered by: PeopleProductive & Linceis Conscious Business Group

REAL Leadership combines people productivity metrics with a leadership 360° report. It measures the most impactful leadership skills and capabilities and arms leaders with competencies that drive healthy cultures and high-performing teams.

The best merged you



Get the Human Side of Mergers Right!

CulturalFusion is the first solution that lets you become the best merged you. Methodically integrate the best cultural traits from each company and then take your combined culture to new levels of performance so that 1 + 1 becomes 3.

Bring Your Culture to Life
Configurable and Customizable Solutions

Disappointed because you can’t find a technology solution that fits your culture just right?

is an agile human capital solutions developer. Our platform is a chassis on which we can bring your specific culture, 360 assessment, or other custom capability to life. It was architected from the ground up to be easily configurable and customizable. We move fast, and deliver fast.

Let’s work together and bring your needs to life.

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