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Use Human Performance to Accelerate Agile Development

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Overall Objective:

Build high performance IT teams by most effectively using the time, talent and emotional energy of your people. Use deep insight into what is holding your people back to accelerate your agile development and unlock measurably higher returns from your IT organization.

How aptitude and leadership unlock a peak IT performance

Great IT teams that outperform have high aptitude. This is true in sports, business and IT too. Most effectively using that talent is the key. Using our solutions, improving IT performance is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Understanding IT Performance

This is a very deep diagnostic that reveals team aptitude and how effectively the time talent and energy of your people are being used.


Continuous IT Performance Improvement

Replace low aptitude performers while continuously improving IT performance. Our agile transformation process helps leaders, teams and individuals perform better as they gradually embrace new behavioral norms and remove sources of organizational drag that slow agile development down.


Measurably Better Results

Our solutions measure human performance across every level and team and show how the most effective use of your people has accelerated agile development and measurably improved your results.

Use Human Performance to Accelerate Agile Development

How a peak IT Performance produces business value:
Measurable Returns

Step 01 - Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Agility Improves - Leaders, teams and individuals embrace new behavioral norms and remove barriers to productivity, which improves human performance.

Step 02 - Efficiency Improves

Efficiency Improves

The Speed of work Increases - As people work more efficiently and effectively, the speeds of problem solving, collaboration and work increase, as defects, rework and turnover decrease.

Step 03 - Results Improve

Results Improve

Measurements Improve - As work speeds up, better execution produces better results which improves KPI's.

Step 04 - Better Results Produce Value

Better Results Produce Value

Shorter Time to Value - The improvement in KPI's produces a financial return based on the reduced labor cost of delivering user stories of comparable size.

Step 05 - Value Produces an ROI

Value Produces an ROI

Your ROI - The time and cost of the Performance Improvement is evaluated against the increasing returns on talent to drive a measurable ROI. If you do the math, you will quickly see there is no greater return than increasing how much your existing workforce accomplishes.

Can you imagine linking the human experience to your financial results?

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