Make Sales Success a Product of Science

Use the combined power of high aptitude talent, performance enhancing culture and predictive analytics to create a sales organization that outperforms.

Based on 19 sales competencies, we will tell you which competencies are driving the performance of your A-players and what cultural factors are key to their performance.

By replicating these critical competencies and cultural factors across your B & C players, you will increase sales performance and move into the sales leadership quadrant. It’s science!

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“It’s paid off big time for us, all my folks gravitate back towards PeopleProductive and [Sandler], who do a great job… I would give them two thumbs up! Great interaction, great time spent, great money spent.”

PeopleProductive wins Top Sales Performance Solution of the year

Make sales success a product of science, not of chance.

Using Science to Drive Higher Levels of Performance

Your Talent Formula

Assess your people to reveal the aptitudes and competencies that create success, so you hire and train people more effectively.

Your Sales Culture Formula

Tune your sales culture for higher performance.

Predictive Analytics

Reveal the most profitable actions to boost your sales results.

Turn Sales Success into a Product of Science

”What a remarkable solution.
I had no idea something like this existed.”

Your talent formula: Which skills matter most?

How It Works

Deep Diagnostic

We assess your talent and culture to reveal what factors drive success for your salespeople.

Analyze the Findings

We use predictive analytics to show the most profitable strategies to boost your sales and culture to a higher level of performance.

Create a Peak Performance

Our tools, training and performance improvement services enable you to tap the best your salespeople and sales leaders can give.

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